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Facelift or BOTOX? Comparing Surgery to Injectable Treatments

Dr. Ken Smart helps patients consider the differences between a facelift and cosmetic injectables, and which treatment best meets their unique needs.

Posted by Kenneth Smart Jr. on Jan 29, 2024

Recovering From a Facelift

The timeline for facelift recovery occurs during the two months after surgery. Call Dr. Kenneth Smart to schedule an appointment today.

Posted by Kenneth Smart Jr. on Feb 12, 2022

Facelift vs. Neck Lift: Which Is the Best Choice for Me?

When the skin shows signs of aging, some individuals want to turn back the hands of time with surgery. These procedures can provide dramatic…

Posted by Kenneth Smart Jr. on Sep 24, 2020

Facelift Scars

A facelift is a sought-after cosmetic procedure designed to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and rejuvenate your entire appearance. Dr. Ken Smart places…

Posted by Kenneth Smart Jr. on Jun 30, 2020

Sun Exposure after Facelift

Excessive sun exposure following a facelift can increase your chances of undesirable side effects and complications. Dr. Ken Smart in Frisco, TX, explains why.

Posted by Kenneth Smart Jr. on Jan 29, 2020

How Long Do the Results of Facelift Last?

The results of a facelift can be great, but the benefits may not last forever. Let’s consider how long facial plastic surgery outcomes last for…

Posted by Kenneth Smart Jr. on Sep 29, 2019

Rejuvenate Your Appearance with Treatment for Drooping Jowls

If drooping jowls have you looking older than you feel, treatment for drooping jowls may be right for you.

Posted by Kenneth Smart Jr. on Jul 30, 2016

Tips for a Successful and Comfortable Facelift Recovery

Patients can learn useful tips that will help ensure a successful and comfortable recovery following facelift surgery with Dr. Ken Smart.

Posted by Kenneth Smart Jr. on Nov 28, 2014

Common Side Effects after Facelift Surgery

Undergoing a facelift procedure is a common and relatively safe procedure, although at times it may come with certain side effects.

Posted by Kenneth Smart Jr. on Jan 22, 2014

Revitalization Through Skin Resurfacing and Facelift Surgery

Through a combination of facial procedures, you can achieve a younger, rejuvenated appearance. Here’s how facelift surgery and laser skin resurfacing can help you.

Posted by Kenneth Smart Jr. on Dec 18, 2013

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