The Importance of Massage after Breast Augmentation By Kenneth Smart Jr. on November 24, 2020

woman wearing black tank topMassage offers a number of health benefits, such as improving circulation, loosening tight muscles, and alleviating pain. Massage can also help patients who are recovering from breast augmentation surgery. Not only does it help the tissue remain soft and natural, but it also helps reduce the risk of capsular contracture, one of the most common side effects of breast augmentation.

Here, Dr. Ken Smart explains the importance of massage after breast augmentation. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon, serving patients in Frisco, TX, as well as Plano and the greater North Texas areas.

Benefits of Massage after Breast Augmentation

While we do not recommend massaging the breasts immediately after surgery, there are several benefits to incorporating massage after you have been cleared by your surgeon. Massage after breast augmentation can:

  • Help your incisions heal faster
  • Keep the breast tissue soft, flexible, and natural-feeling
  • Reduce the growth of scar tissue around your new implants
  • Increase blood flow to the treatment site
  • Help drain lymph fluid from the area

When Should I Start Massaging My Breasts?

Before massaging your breasts, your incisions must be completely healed. If you massage your breasts too soon after your surgery, the incisions could reopen and an infection could develop.

If your breasts begin to feel hard, or if the tissue around them starts to feel tight, consult with your surgeon right away. This could indicate capsular contracture, a condition in which excess scar tissue develops around your implants. In severe cases, it can make the breasts misshapen or hard to the touch.

How Often Should I Massage My Breasts?

Once you have clearance from your surgeon, we recommend massaging your breasts two to three times a day for the first couple of months. Complete this practice for about five minutes each time. After the first two months, massage your breasts five minutes once a day, or as often as recommended by Dr. Smart.

Massage Techniques

There are several different massage techniques that can help following breast augmentation surgery. Here are a few recommendations from our team:

  • Place your hands on the outside of your breasts and push them toward the center of your chest. Hold for a few seconds, then repeat.
  • Apply gentle pressure on the top of your breasts and push downward. Wait a few seconds, release, then repeat.
  • Placing both hands on the sides of one breast, squeeze gently and hold for a few moments. The squeeze should be firm, but not painful. Repeat this process on the other breast.
  • Grab your right shoulder with your left hand and apply pressure to the breast with your elbow. Repeat on the other side.

As always, patients should consult with their surgeon before incorporating massage into their daily routines. Dr. Smart and our team can demonstrate techniques for optimal outcomes.

Contact Us for More Information

If you are considering breast augmentation, or if you have previously undergone the procedure, massage can help reduce postoperative complications and promote a speedy recovery. To learn more, schedule an appointment at our Frisco practice. Contact us online or call us at (972) 334-0400.

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