Breast Augmentation for Athletes By Kenneth Smart Jr. on July 29, 2019

Athletic women in workout clothes stretches Female athletes often have figures that would make most women envious. While athletes have toned muscle and sculpted arms and legs, the rigors of continuous exercise can mean that their breasts can appear deflated due to a lack of body fat. An increasing number of female athletes are turning to breast augmentation as a way to add balance to the overall figure.

Dr. Ken Smart is a respected, board-certified plastic surgeon in Frisco, TX. He understands the unique needs and cosmetic goals of athletes. Learn more about how we address the needs and concerns of female athletes undergoing breast augmentation.

How Can Breast Augmentation Meet the Cosmetic Needs of Athletes?

Regular physical activity eventually leads to significant loss of body fat. Weight loss occurs uniformly across the body, meaning that fat loss from the breasts cannot be prevented. As a result, many female athletes have small- and medium-sized breasts.

Athletes are also more mindful of their physical appearance. Shapely breasts are often attributed to femininity, meaning women with less prominent breasts may feel less feminine or confident in the appearance of their bustline. Women who wish to enhance the size of their breasts may be ideal candidates for breast augmentation.

What to Expect from Surgery Recovery

Some female athletes worry that breast augmentation may interfere with their physical activities. While patients will need to take off several weeks to recover before resuming strenuous physical exercise (including running and weight lifting), the cosmetic surgery will have minimal impact (if any) on your athletic career.

Customize Your Implant Sizes

During your consultation at our Frisco medical facility, Dr. Smart will discuss your implant and surgery options. Dr. Smart can help you find an implant type and size that works for your body type. Small to moderate-sized breast implants can enhance a woman’s bustline without significantly interfering with her natural figure and athletic performance. Additionally, silicone implants can deliver very natural-looking results.

Customize Your Surgical Technique

Women who have small breasts may not be ideal candidates for subglandular implant placement at our Frisco medical facility. Submuscular placement may deliver more natural-looking results. Dr. Smart will work to ensure that your breast augmentation does not interfere with the function of your pectoral muscles.

Following your recovery, it may take time to adjust to your implants. Some women feel that the implants initially feel like they are getting in the way of their normal athletic routines, but you will adjust and adapt to the minor physical changes. Breast implants will not prevent you from living the active lifestyle you enjoyed before surgery.

For runners, a high-quality and well-supported sports bra can minimize movement of the breasts.

Achieve Your Cosmetic Goals

If you are an athlete who desires a more shapely bustline, breast augmentation can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Dr. Smart is a board-certified and highly respected plastic surgeon. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Smart, please contact our office online or call (972) 334-0400.

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