Addressing Asymmetry with Breast Augmentation By Kenneth Smart Jr. on June 28, 2019

Woman with a shapely figureMany women are self-conscious when their breasts aren’t the same size or shape. If asymmetry is causing a patient to feel unhappy with the appearance of her body, it may be time to consider cosmetic treatment.

Plastic surgeon Ken Smart can perform breast augmentation to address asymmetry for our Frisco, TX patients. Breast augmentation enhances breast size, improves breast shape, and can improve symmetry between the breasts.

What Causes Asymmetry?

In many cases, asymmetry is the result of uneven breast development during adolescence. However, there are many other factors that can cause the size or shape of the breasts to change over time.

Aside from natural development, some of the most common causes of asymmetry include:

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Changes as a woman gets older
  • Shrinkage or growth in one breast due to a medical condition
  • Poor results of a previous breast augmentation

Customized Treatment

There are no natural treatments to correct asymmetry. However, breast augmentation can bring balance to the breasts.

Dr. Smart will schedule a personal consultation with each of our Frisco patients prior to performing breast augmentation. At this appointment, he will listen to the patient’s unique needs so that he can customize a treatment plan that is most appropriate for their situation. Dr. Smart will discuss surgical techniques, incision approaches, and implant options with patients so that they play an active role in creating the treatment plan that is best for them.

Surgical Techniques to Address Asymmetry

Every breast augmentation performed at our Frisco practice utilizes different techniques. Dr. Smart will use the technique that is best-suited to each patient’s unique needs. These techniques allow Dr. Smart to address asymmetry most effectively:

  • Single implant placement: If a patient is satisfied with the size of the larger breast, Dr. Smart can place a single breast implant to enhance the size of the smaller breast so that it closely matches the larger one.
  • Double implant placement: If a patient wishes to enhance the size of both breasts, implants can be placed in each. In these cases, Dr. Smart will place different sized implants so that the volume of the breasts is the same after treatment is complete. There are many types of implant types, which allows us to really customize your procedure. In addition to choosing implants in different volumes, we can choose different implant profiles (which refers to the width and forward projection of the implant) and shapes (such as round or teardrop).
  • Augmentation with reduction: Often, asymmetry can be achieved through breast augmentation alone. However, if asymmetry is severe, Dr. Smart may need to perform augmentation on one breast and reduction on the other.

By treating the breasts independently, Dr. Smart is able to give patients a full, shapely, symmetrical bustline.

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If you have uneven breasts and are interested in addressing asymmetry, you may be an ideal candidate for breast augmentation. If you would like more information about this procedure from an experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Ken Smart, contact us at your earliest convenience or call (972) 334-0400 to set up a consultation.

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