SMAS Facelift Technique By Kenneth Smart Jr. on December 16, 2013

Dallas SMAS Facelift TechniqueFaces change with age. Over the years, you may have noticed the skin around your chin and cheeks sag, losing some of its softness and elasticity. At this time, you may start to think about plastic surgery as a method for bringing some tautness and youth back to your features.

Dr. Ken Smart performs many types of plastic surgery procedures, including a type of rhytidectomy called the SMAS facelift, at his Dallas plastic surgery practice. If you are hoping to turn back the clock, an SMAS facelift may be the right choice for you.

What is an SMAS Facelift?

The term superficial musculoaponeurotic system, or SMAS, refers to a specific muscle region within the face. This layer of muscles and connective tissue helps to support the central portion of the face, as well as the neck and jawline. An SMAS facelift is a relatively new technique for facelift surgery that works by making an incision at the hairline near the temple and along the ear, and then proceeding to reposition this muscle system along with the skin of the face.

In the past, facelift techniques have involved only lifting and pulling the skin taut over the existing muscular structure. This can lead to results in which the skin looks stretched and does not appear to sit naturally on the patient’s face - an often unwanted telltale sign that a patient has had plastic surgery.

In contrast, by tightening and adjusting the position of the underlying musculature of the face, a plastic surgeon can achieve much more natural-looking results in reducing the appearance of jowls and lack of elasticity in the cheeks, jaw, and neck. This is the ultimate goal behind the SMAS facelift procedure.

Am I a Good Candidate for an SMAS Facelift?

If you are hoping to regain tautness and structure around the lower half of the face, including the neck and the jawline, then you may be a good candidate for an SMAS facelift. You must be in reasonably good health to undergo surgery, and smoking is generally not recommended as smoking can obstruct the healing process by depriving the surgical site of sufficiently oxygen-rich blood - this is especially true for surgeries around the face, where smoke can also act as an irritant. 

Your plastic surgeon is best suited to determine if an SMAS facelift is the best technique for the results you are hoping to achieve. During your consultation with Dr. Smart, he can formally assess your facial structure and recommend whether you are best fit for an SMAS facelift or a different procedure.

Contact Your Plastic Surgeon Today

If you are longing to recall a more youthful look, the cosmetic surgery options available today are impressively vast - but achieving the best results possible starts with the partnership of a skilled and knowledgeable board-certified plastic surgeon.

Dr. Smart is renowned for performing SMAS facelifts with beautiful, natural results. Contact the office of Dr. Ken Smart, MD, to schedule a consultation and learn more about the SMAS facelift process today.

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