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Total rejuvenation of the face and neck is the ultimate goal of Plastic Surgeon Ken Smart. With facelift and neck lift surgery at Frisco Plastic Surgery, P.A. near Plano, we seek to improve the signs of aging by addressing the deeper structures of the face, including the muscle and fat that is responsible for sagging skin and deep furrows that come with age. The old-fashioned skin-only facelift used in the past did not resolve the true problems associated with aging, and often led to an operated-on, windswept appearance and generally resulted in an early recurrence of the signs of aging. Dr. Smart’s philosophy for facelift surgery gives a more natural look that restores the youthful appearance of the face without giving an over-operated appearance. If you are interested in facelift procedure, contact our Frisco plastic surgery office. We serve the residents of Plano, McKinney, Allen, Frisco, and the surrounding Texas communities with beautiful plastic surgery results.

How Is the Facelift Procedure Performed?

Face Lift DallasFor a full facelift, the incisions start behind the hairline in the temple and then move down in a natural crease in front of the ear or just behind the cartilage of the ear. It then curves around the ear lobe and goes back into the hairline if a neck lift is being performed, as well. For a neck lift alone to tighten lax muscles, a small incision is made under the chin.

Using the newest facelift techniques available in his Frisco Plastic Surgery office, Dr. Smart repositions the deeper structures of the face to their normal youthful position. This includes moving the cheek fat pads back up to their normal position below the eye and tightening the muscles of the jaw line to eliminate the jowls. When performed in combination with a neck lift, the muscle of the neck is also tightened to eliminate looseness and improve the profile. Excess skin is removed in both these procedures, but is not the sole means of improvement. Traditionally, the neck is treated in conjunction with the facelift. However, some patients may exhibit excess fat and muscle laxity that can be addressed with a combination of LipoSelection® and muscle tightening without excising skin.

What Minimally Invasive Facelift Options Are Available?

In addition to full facelift techniques, Dr. Smart is trained and experienced in the newer minimally invasive short scar techniques. To learn more about these different types of facelift procedures, contact our Plano-area office.

What Procedures May Be Combined with a Facelift Procedure?

It is common to perform other procedures in combination with a facelift to achieve total facial rejuvenation. Most commonly, we perform a neck lift with facelift surgery. We also frequently perform the endoscopic brow lift, upper and lower eyelid lifts, lip and chin augmentation and CO2 laser resurfacing. During your cosmetic consultation with Dr. Smart, he can give you more information on any of these procedures, and present you with all of your surgical options.

Am I a Good Candidate For a Facelift?

Candidates for a facelift are in overall good health and must be non-smokers. There is no particular age limit for facelift patients. Most patients are anywhere from 40 to 60 years old, but healthy patients in their 70s and 80s can safely undergo a facelift. In addition to exhibiting the signs of aging that a facelift can correct, patients should have realistic expectations of what can be achieved.

What Type of Anesthesia Is Required For a Facelift?

Dr. Smart performs most of his facelift and neck lift surgeries under general anesthesia. However, in certain circumstances they are performed under deep IV sedation.

Where Is Facelift Surgery Performed?

Your facelift and neck lift may be performed at Frisco Plastic Surgery, P.A. in the fully accredited ambulatory surgery center located conveniently in our medical building. For your convenience and safety, we also perform facelift and neck lift surgery at any of the Plano, Frisco, and Allen-area hospitals where Dr. Smart maintains surgical privileges.

What Is the Recovery Like After Facelift Surgery?

You will need direct nursing care the night of your surgery. Some patients spend one night in the hospital or other home nursing care arrangements can be made. You will have a bulky head wrap on when you wake up after surgery. You may or may not have drains. Pain can usually be controlled with oral pain medication, but if necessary IV pain medication will be given. Your dressing will be changed the morning after your facelift procedure, either in the hospital or in our office. If you do have drains, they're usually removed that morning. Dr. Smart begins removing your sutures in stages, usually about five days after surgery. The final sutures come out after two weeks. At this time, most of the bruising has usually resolved but it can take several more weeks for the swelling to go away.

How Much Does a Facelift Cost?

After your facelift consultation at Frisco Plastic Surgery, P.A. near Plano, we will discuss the cost of your surgery. Your individualized quote will include the surgeon’s fee, the anesthesiologist’s fee, and the facility fee for your procedure.

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Our office is known for beautiful and natural facelift results. If you live in Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Allen, or any of the surrounding Texas communities, and you are interested in facelift surgery, contact our plastic surgeon Dr. Ken Smart today.

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