Refine Your Results with Breast Augmentation Revisions

If you are unsatisfied with the results of a breast augmentation procedure or have developed complications, you may need to undergo a corrective surgery. Dr. Ken Smart is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and offers breast augmentation revisions at his Frisco, TX, practice. Unlike breast implant removal, in which some patients choose to forego implants altogether, Dr. Smart can help you choose the best method to refine your figure and outcome.

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Revisional surgery can relieve discomfort or help you finally experience optimal results.

Am I a Candidate?

Breast augmentation revision surgery is suitable for breast augmentation patients who experience unwanted complications or are unhappy with their results. Additionally, weight fluctuations and the natural aging process can cause changes to the body that make these patients unsatisfied with their physique. Finally, implants are not intended to last forever, and breast augmentation revision is often recommended about 10 years after implant placement for safety purposes.

What Can Revision Surgery Correct?

Cosmetic issues or implant defects following breast augmentation can make a woman feel uncomfortable about her appearance, in addition to potentially being hazardous to her health. Some of the more common reasons women choose to have a breast augmentation revision include:

  • Bottoming Out: This condition occurs when the breast implant pocket is placed too far below the natural breast crease. The implants then slip down, causing the breasts to look unnaturally bottom-heavy. In such instances, Dr. Smart can reposition the implant and employ surgical techniques to prevent the problem from occurring again.
  • Asymmetry: Breast implant asymmetry or "malposition" occurs when the breast implants appear to be positioned differently on the chest wall, rather than in the same relative position. This can be overcome by having the implants replaced or undergoing a breast lift.
  • Capsular Contracture: Hardened scar tissue can sometimes form around an implant. This is usually painful and distorts the shape of the breasts. In these cases, Dr. Smart removes the implant and scar tissue and then replaces the implant.
  • Ruptured Implants: Breast implants, both saline and silicone, can leak or rupture. With a revision surgery, Dr. Smart can remove and replace a ruptured implant.

The Procedure & Recovery Period

Patients will usually receive general anesthesia to ensure their comfort during the procedure. The surgery lasts about one to three hours, depending on the surgical techniques employed and the extent of corrections to be made.

Implants are not intended to last forever. Breast augmentation revision is often recommended about 10 years after implant placement for safety purposes.

During the procedure, Dr. Smart will make incisions, most likely along the same area where the first incisions were made. The implants will be removed and new implants will be placed either over or under the chest muscle. If you experienced hardening or contracture in a specific location, the new implants may be placed using different techniques than the initial placement.

After Breast Implant Revision

Healing from a revision procedure is much like the recovery for a breast augmentation. Patients should plan on experiencing some discomfort and soreness, which will begin to subside after about 48 to 72 hours and gradually improve.

Pain can be controlled with prescribed medications or over-the-counter options. Patients will be discouraged from lifting their arms over their heads for at least a week until the chest muscles recover. Most patients can comfortably return to work after a week, and slowly incorporate more activities into the routine until at about six weeks, when they should be back at their usual activity level.

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Whether you are interested in correcting a minor aesthetic irregularity, or need to treat health complications following your breast augmentation, Dr. Smart can perform a revision procedure that restores your confidence. Learn more by messaging our practice today or calling us at (972) 334-0400.

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Dr. Ken Smart and his dedicated team want every patient who visits their office to look and feel their best. Dr. Smart is a renowned plastic surgeon who is affiliated with various trusted organizations, including the: 

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