Are You A Mommy Makeover Candidate? By Kenneth Smart Jr. on November 12, 2021

Mother smiling with young daughter on her backMotherhood is a wonderfully precious gift, but it can come with a few cosmetic drawbacks. A mommy makeover is a comprehensive collection of cosmetic treatments that target all parts of the body affected by childbirth. Mommy makeover candidates are women who have worked hard to maintain a healthy diet and exercise postpartum but aren’t seeing the results they want.

Frisco Plastic Surgery & MedSpa brings customizable mommy makeover treatments to patients in the Frisco and Plano, TX, area. Many North Texas patients find that stubborn fat deposits, sagging skin, or asymmetrical breasts are keeping them from the confidence and love for their bodies they once had. If you’re interested in a mommy makeover, check out our list of candidacy requirements to see if the procedure is right for you.

Becoming a Mommy Makeover Candidate

Mommy makeovers are not for everyone. These parameters ensure that you get lasting results:

  • You are finished having children
  • You have a stable weight
  • You gave birth at least six months ago

Let’s go into each of these points in more detail, and also note an additional consideration for mothers who had a Cesarean section.

You Are Finished Having Children

You must be sure that your days of having children are over. The effects of your surgery will not last if you become pregnant again, costing you wasted time and money. Moreover, certain breast surgeries could potentially limit your ability to breastfeed. If another baby is anywhere in the realm of possibility, hold off on a mommy makeover until you are done growing your family.

You Have a Stable Weight

The success of your tummy tuck, breast lift, and liposuction procedures all depends on your weight. If you haven’t finished losing baby weight by the time you have your makeover, you’ll continue to lose weight, resulting in more sagging skin. Wait until you have maintained your weight for at least six months. Even if you’re back down to your pre-pregnancy weight before the six-month deadline, don’t rush things. Hormonal fluctuations, breastfeeding, and stress can all cause you to lose or gain weight.

You Gave Birth at Least Six Months Ago

It’s no secret that having a baby takes its toll on your body, but you might not realize just how much recovery you need before you’re back up to snuff. For instance, your breasts have to return to their normal volume and shape post breastfeeding for your breast surgery to be successful. You must be completely done with the effects of pregnancy and nursing before considering cosmetic surgery. This helps guarantee the least amount of risk and long-lasting results.

You Had a C-Section

C-sections can involve either classic (vertical) or bikini (lateral) incisions, but both cause nerve damage to the abdomen around the affected area. The incision then scars sometimes severely. These raised, red, and quite pronounced scars are known as hypertrophic scars. Mommy makeover procedures can help address the scarring from a c-section while also improving body contour.

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