When Can I Resume Exercising after a Mommy Makeover? By Kenneth Smart Jr. on March 02, 2020

Mom flexes her muscles as her young daughter mimics herA mommy makeover can restore the appearance of your figure after pregnancy. After several days of recovery, patients may understandably be wondering when they can resume physical activities and exercise. Many mothers who undergo a mommy makeover are physically active and enjoy exercising.

To ensure that you do not experience complications, we recommend that our patients give their body plenty of time to recover. A healthy recovery is one way to ensure that you enjoy all of the cosmetic benefits that you have worked for. Here, Dr. Kenneth Smart and our team discuss how long you should wait before resuming exercise after a mommy makeover. Our plastic surgery center serves patients in Frisco, TX, Plano, TX, and the North Texas area.

Why Rest Matters

Giving your body time to heal ensures that you enjoy the aesthetic results of your mommy makeover treatment plan. There are many factors that affect recovery time, and rest is one of the most important.

Avoid Strenuous Activity

In the weeks following your procedure, it is important to avoid lifting heavy objects or straining your core body muscles. Straining your body before it recovers can lead to healing complications, such as swelling, bleeding, pain, bruising, and re-opening of your incisions. These complications can delay your recovery timeline or even lead to undesirable cosmetic results.

Listen to Your Body

Beyond listening to Dr. Smart’s advice and following your recovery guidelines, it is important to listen to your body. If you are experiencing fatigue or soreness, those are signs that you should prioritize rest over exercise. Individual recoveries will vary from patient to patient.

Engage in Light Walking

Although it is important to avoid heavy activity, it is a good idea to get some light walking in after surgery is important. Walking can prevent the formation of blood clots.

A General Exercise Timeline after Mommy Makeover

Factors that determine when a patient can resume exercise include age and the number and type of procedures performed, among other variables. In general, patients can expect to resume activities according to this timeline.

  • First two weeks: Light walking, no heavy lifting, and plenty of rest.
  • Week three: More extensive walking if your body can manage.
  • Weeks four and five: Moderate cardio that focuses only on the lower body may be permitted.
  • Week six: With doctor approval, patients may be able to resume their normal physical exercise routine.

Slowly Ease into Your Normal Workout Routine

Keep in mind that each physical activity should be resumed at a lower intensity and then gradually stepped up. Patients should be mindful that their bodies may still be healing for months or longer after cosmetic surgery.

Once you have fully healed, exercise is a great way to maintain your newly transformed body. By paying attention to your body’s comfort level and consulting Dr. Smart along the way, you can avoid hurting yourself and delaying your final recovery.

Schedule Your Mommy Makeover Today

While waiting four or more weeks to resume light cardio might seem like a long time, this temporary precaution can prevent a delay in the healing process. We encourage all of our patients to resume exercise when they have fully healed.

Throughout your recovery, Dr. Smart will be available to answer all of your questions. To schedule your mommy makeover, please contact our office online or call (972) 334-0400.

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