Showering Instructions After Cosmetic Surgery By Kenneth Smart Jr. on July 31, 2018

Taking a showerProper hygiene after plastic surgery is crucial for healing quickly and fully. If you’ve undergone a body contouring surgery or a facial procedure, you may want to step into the shower the first thing the next morning. You’ll need to wait before returning to the shower, however.

The team at our Dallas, TX cosmetic surgery center would like to cover some of the showering instructions for patients. We’ll briefly touch on pre-op hygiene and then look at post-op hygiene matters.

Showing Before Surgery

Before you undergo surgery, it’s important that you clean thoroughly and carefully accord to your pre-op instructions. You may be instructed to use an antibacterial soap to help reduce the risk of infection during surgery.

Make sure to remove all makeup and to scrub thoroughly. Do not use any lotion or moisturizers after the shower. This will help lower the overall risk of infection.

Avoid Showers for First Few Days After Surgery

It’s important for plastic surgery patients to avoid taking showers for the first 48 hours after their surgery. If water gets on the incision sites, it can lead to irritation and infection, making overall recovery longer and more difficult. In addition, the stream of water from the shower head can affect the sutures and stitches, even at the most delicate of settings.

Sponge Baths After Surgery

For the first 48 hours or so after surgery, it’s important that you take sponge baths in order to stay clean. Use a damp washcloth with warm water and approved soap to keep most of your body clean.

You’ll want to cover up the surgical area and avoid cleaning it, as this can increase the risk of infection and slow down overall healing time. If you have undergone facial surgery, you may be told to be extra gentle while washing your hair just to prevent tugging too much at the facial skin while it’s healing.

Instructions for Your First Showers After Surgery

When you first get back to showering, make sure to follow these instructions:

  • Keep the Incision Sites Dry - Water is still a risk for irritation and infection for a while after surgery. Make sure to cover up the incision areas as directed, and to turn away from the shower stream while cleaning yourself.
  • Shower with Lukewarm Water - Hot water and steam can do more harm than good as you heal. Make sure to use cool or lukewarm water when you shower for at least a week or so after surgery.
  • Use the Softest Shower Setting - To minimize potential harm to the incision site, make sure to use a gentle showerhead setting when you take your first post-op showers.
  • Keep the Shower Brief - Showering for too long is a bad idea while you are still healing from surgery. Keep your shower brief, just enough to get clean and feel refreshed.
  • Softly Pat Yourself Dry - Rubbing too hard with a towel can open up incisions and lead to problems with healing and surgical results. Pat yourself gently after the shower, and then naturally allow the air to dry you off completely.

When Can I Take a Bath Again?

When it comes to taking baths, your best bet is to wait for at least two to three weeks after surgery. Your surgeon will be able to give you a better estimate on this during your followup visits after the procedure.

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For more information about post-op recovery and all of the do’s and don’ts, be sure to contact an experienced cosmetic surgeon. We can help you fully heal and prevent complications from occurring.

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