CoolSculpting Aftercare: What You Should Know By info on February 28, 2018

man relaxing at a medspa receiving CoolSculpting treatment If you are struggling to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat, CoolSculpting® may be a treatment option for you. Designed for men and women who are close to their ideal weight, CoolSculpting uses extremely low temperatures to freeze excess fat cells. Dr. Ken Smart offers this revolutionary treatment at our Frisco, TX, plastic surgery practice and medspa. CoolSculpting® aftercare is extremely simple but knowing what to expect following your treatment can help you enjoy a quick and successful recovery.

What to Expect Immediately after Your Procedure

When your CoolSculpting treatment session is complete, the skin will most likely be red and may appear stiff. This is normal and should diminish after approximately 20 minutes. Most patients experience little to no pain following their CoolSculpting treatment, although bruising, swelling, or tenderness may occur. To manage these effects, you can take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication, such as ibuprofen or naproxen.

One of the most appealing aspects of CoolSculpting is that is does not typically require downtime. Most patients can resume their normal daily activities right away with no complications.

One to Three Weeks after Your CoolSculpting Procedure

While the initial redness will diminish, you may still have pink or flushed-looking areas of skin, even days or weeks after your appointment. This is typically not a cause for concern. However, if the redness or swelling becomes worse over time, contact our office. Keep in mind that bruising is often a normal byproduct of this procedure, and discoloration of the skin can linger for a few weeks.

It is not uncommon for patients to experience numbness or tingling sensations around the treated area. This may continue up to eight weeks following your treatment. On occasion, soreness can accompany these sensations. However, if pain becomes worse after two weeks, it is important to call us so Dr. Smart can assess the area.

Tips and for CoolSculpting Recovery

Following a few simple tips and tricks can help you recover swiftly and successfully following your CoolSculpting treatment. Some of these include:

  • Take photographs: Because CoolSculpting works gradually over time, it can be difficult to evaluate your progress. We recommend taking pictures of the treatment area frequently so you can have a visual timeline of your progress.
  • Practice patience: We understand you want to see results as soon as possible but excellent results take time. In fact, it can take anywhere from one to four months for results to become noticeable, reaching the most dramatic changes around two months. Even then, fat cells will continue to be flushed out for four to six months after your treatment.
  • Realize that long-term success is up to you: As with any cosmetic procedure, your results will be dependent on your lifestyle following the treatment. For example, a poor diet and lack of exercise will still cause you to gain weight. It is important to maintain a well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle for optimal long-term results.

Contact Us to Learn More about CoolSculpting

If you are planning to undergo CoolSculpting and would like more information about aftercare and preparation, reach out to one of our team members. Schedule an appointment by contacting us online.

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