Swelling after Plastic Surgery By Kenneth Smart Jr. on April 29, 2017

Woman with a slim, tone figurePlastic surgery offers men and women the ability to address cosmetic imperfections and boost their self-confidence. Dr. Ken Smart offers a range of plastic surgery treatments, including facial plastic surgery procedures to reverse the signs of aging and body contouring treatments to enhance the figure. Each of these treatments can help patients achieve their aesthetic goals.

However, patients should understand that the results of plastic surgery are not immediate. Following plastic surgery, patients will go through a lengthy recovery period. During this recovery, patients will experience side effects of surgery that must dissipate before the final results can be apparent. The most common of these side effects is swelling.

Dr. Smart discusses plastic surgery and swelling with his Frisco, TX patients so that they are well prepared for their surgical recovery period. He also offers helpful tips on how to minimize this surgical side effect.

Causes of Swelling

Any surgical procedure carries a degree of risk, so it may seem unwise to voluntarily undergo cosmetic surgery. Fortunately, the body has an incredible ability to heal. This, along with the skill and expertise of Dr. Smart, makes plastic surgery a perfectly safe option for the majority of patients. While the body’s instinct to heal is a great benefit after plastic surgery, it is also the primary cause of swelling, the most common side effect of surgery.

Cosmetic surgery requires Dr. Smart to make an incision in the skin. Most procedures also require significant alteration to the tissues and muscles around the treatment area. All of this manipulation is viewed by the body as trauma and triggers a healing response. In an attempt to heal any injury that has occurred during surgery, the body increases blood flow at the treatment site to provide extra nutrients. This excess of blood and fluids leads to significant swelling, especially in the first several days after surgery.

Reducing Swelling

After plastic surgery, the treatment site receives nutrients that will promote healing, but if the body swells too much, it can impede the recovery process. Swelling can also cause significant discomfort for the patient. Fortunately, there are steps a patient can take to reduce swelling and ensure that the body heals in a timely manner.

Below are some helpful hints for patients dealing with swelling after plastic surgery:

  • When resting, try to keep the treatment site slightly elevated
  • Stand or walk frequently throughout the day (even if just for short amounts of time) to promote blood flow
  • Drink lots of fluids
  • Minimize salt intake
  • Use any provided compression garments as directed
  • Ice the treatment area frequently
  • Take any prescribed medication as directed and be sure to closely follow all post-surgical care instructions

Swelling can cause discomfort after plastic surgery, but surgical side effects should show improvement after about a week. However, swelling can last for several weeks.

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