Exercise Guidelines after Plastic Surgery By Kenneth Smart Jr. on January 04, 2017

Two women exercisingExercise is a way to maintain a healthy body that is within the recommended weight range. However, even when patients exercise regularly, stubborn fat deposits can remain. Body contouring treatment targets unwanted fat and tightens the skin so patients can improve their overall figure. However, it is important to maintain healthy diet and exercise habits after plastic surgery so the results of treatment will last. While we encourage patients to exercise as soon as possible after cosmetic surgery, it is important that they adhere to post-surgical care guidelines. Dr. Ken Smart discusses the ideal exercise timeline after plastic surgery with our Dallas, TX patients so they can avoid injury and surgical complications.

How Soon Can I Exercise after Plastic Surgery?

After undergoing plastic surgery, most patients want to do all they can to ensure that their surgical results are long-lasting. Understandably, this means that many patients are eager to return to their regular routine, including exercise. However, patients can’t immediately jump back into a strenuous workout routine. Below are some timeline guidelines regarding which exercises are acceptable during the different stages of plastic surgery recovery:

  • Three to five days after surgery: The first couple of days after plastic surgery, patients will feel sore and worn down. It is important to rest during these first couple of days and avoid most physical activity. By the third day of recovery, patients can gradually start introducing some light walking into their routine. For most patients, short walks around the house are ideal for this stage of recovery.
  • One to two weeks after surgery: Within one to two weeks after surgery, most side effects of treatment have begun to subside. It is still important to avoid strenuous activities. However, patients should lengthen their walks (or walk more frequently) as energy returns.
  • Two to four weeks after surgery: Most patients are feeling much better two to four weeks after surgery. With Dr. Smart’s approval, patients can begin gradually increasing their physical activity. Especially strenuous activity is still not recommended, but patients can continue walking and may be able to add in some light cardio.
  • Four to six weeks after surgery: Around four to six weeks after surgery, most patients are almost back to a regular exercise routine. It should be okay to resume some light weightlifting and other moderately strenuous activities at this point. To ensure the body has completely recovered, patients may be advised to hold off on more taxing exercises until they are past six weeks of recovery.

These guidelines are general for patients who have undergone plastic surgery. However, each patient is unique, as is the recovery for each cosmetic treatment. Patients should speak to Dr. Smart for more specific recommendations for their unique situation.

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If you have found that diet and exercise are not providing you with the body contouring results you’d like, it may be time to consider plastic surgery. To learn more about the body contouring treatments offered at Dr. Ken Smart’s plastic surgery practice, contact us at your earliest convenience.

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