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Breast Lift Techniques for Individualized Procedures

By Kenneth Smart Jr. on August 28, 2015

Anchor pattern incision Dr. Smart is committed to providing individualized procedures. By creating a unique treatment plan just for you, he can achieve your cosmetic goals and provide subtle, natural-looking results. For this reason, he will use one of several techniques to perform a breast lift (mastopexy). If you have sagging breasts, this procedure can restore your youthful appearance and your self-confidence. Before scheduling your breast lift, Dr. Smart will provide a complete consultation. You will work with him during this appointment to choose the most suitable breast lift technique. The method you ultimately choose will depend on your treatment goals and natural body type. To learn more about breast lift techniques, contact our Dallas practice today.

Doughnut Breast Lift

If you desire only a minor lift or if you have naturally smaller breasts, a donut mastopexy may be the solution. Dr. Smart will create two incisions encircling your nipple and areola. Through these incisions, he can remove a small amount of skin. Often, as your breasts start to droop, your nipples can sag, as well. Your areolas may also become stretched or irregularly shaped. If needed, Dr. Smart can reshape or raise your areolas during a doughnut breast lift. This technique typically involves a shorter recovery than other methods, since Dr. Smart will need to eliminate less tissue.

Lollipop Breast Lift

With a lollipop breast lift, Dr. Smart can remove a moderate amount of skin. This technique can also be a good option if you have medium-sized breasts. He will create an incision running around your areolas. A second incision will extend from the first one down to your breast crease, much like the stick on a lollipop. Although this technique will leave more scarring than the doughnut method, Dr. Smart can raise your breasts up higher. Therefore, like many women, you may be willing to live with the extra incision in exchange for more dramatic aesthetic results. Plus, the scars will not be visible, even in swimwear.

Standard Breast Lift

Originally, doctors always performed breast lifts with the anchor pattern incision. Although there are now numerous mastopexy techniques, this pattern is still referred to as the “standard” lift. An anchor pattern is just like the lollipop pattern, but Dr. Smart will add a third incision running along your breast crease. With this technique, he can remove the greatest amount of tissue. Therefore, if you have severely sagging breasts, or if you are naturally large chested, you may be a good candidate for this technique. The standard technique is also a better option if you want to correct drooping on the lower half of your breast or if you desire breast implants at the same time as your mastopexy.

Because the anchor pattern incision is more extensive, it will involve a longer recovery and more scarring than other techniques. However, with Dr. Smart’s guidance, you can enhance the healing process and minimize the appearance of scars. As with the other techniques, anchor incisions are easily hidden under bras and bathing suits.

Find Out Which Breast Lift Technique Is Right for You

To learn more about breast lifts and to find out the best way to improve your figure, contact Frisco Plastic Surgery & Medspa today.

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