Choosing Breast Implant Size: Factors to Consider By Kenneth Smart Jr. on April 28, 2015

A woman in a black braWhen patients visit Frisco Plastic Surgery & MedSpa, they can place their trust in Dr. Ken Smart. Using his years of experience, Dr. Smart can help you look and feel your very best. This level of expertise is especially crucial when it comes to breast augmentation surgery, which can enhance curves and improve your bustline. And of course, one of the biggest concerns when it comes to the breast enlargement procedure is the size of the breast implants to use.

Implant Size Matters, But Not Necessarily How You Might Think

The size of the breast implants that are used during a breast augmentation surgery make a major difference to the overall results. However, even though size of the breast implants matters, the issue is more complicated than you may think.

There are many different factors to consider when it comes to breast augmentation surgery, and implant size alone may not be the ideal way to consider the surgical needs of a patient. Let's look at the pros and cons when it comes to the size of breast implants.

The Pros and Cons of Large Breast Implants

The advantages of large breast implants during breast augmentation include:

  • Dramatic Results with Size and Shape of Bustline - Large breast implants can add a great deal of volume and shape to your breasts.
  • Can Enhance Overall Body Contour and Figure - Big breast implants can give you a more effeminate hourglass figure.

The disadvantages of large breast implants during breast augmentation include:

  • Results Can Appear Unnatural - Sometimes breasts implants may be too large for a patient, making the results of surgery appear artificial.
  • Greater Risk of Implant Leak/Rupture - Large breast implants come with an increase risk of rupture in addition to many other kinds of complications.
  • Possible Need for Revision Surgery Later in Life - The weight and size of large breast implants makes bottoming out and sagging more likely later in life, which requires revision surgery to address.

The Pros and Cons of Small Breast Implants

The advantages of small breast implants during breast augmentation include:

  • Results Are Typically More Subtle - Small breast implants can achieve great results that are more subtle and natural in appearance.
  • Reduced Risk of Complications - Small breast implants are less likely to leak or rupture than larger breast implants.

The disadvantages of small breast implants during breast augmentation include:

  • Results May Not Be Dramatic Enough for the Patient - Sometimes subtle is too subtle, and it's possible for patients to be unhappy with the final results of their surgery.
  • Need for Revision Surgery Due to Unsatisfactory Results - In cases of dissatisfaction with the procedure, a revision surgery will be needed to place larger breast implants.

Other Factors That Affect Breast Augmentation Results

In addition to breast implant size, a cosmetic surgeon will take into account these other factors when tailoring a surgery to meet the needs of the patient:

  • Breast implant profile (amount of forward projection of the implants)
  • Breast implant shape (round or teardrop)
  • Placement of the implant relative to the pectoral muscle
  • Location of incision sites
  • The patient's current figure and frame

Contact Dr. Ken Smart About Breast Augmentation Surgery

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