Are You a Good Candidate for SAFELipo®? By Kenneth Smart Jr. on January 28, 2015

A woman holding a tape measure around her chest after undergoing SAFELipo®Board-certified plastic surgeon Ken Smart has always been at the leading edge of his industry’s technologies and techniques, integrating the most advanced breakthroughs into his practice in order to provide his patients with only the finest surgical procedures available. As one of the foremost providers of body contouring solutions in the nation, Dr. Smart is proud to announce that he is now offering SAFELipo®, a procedure that expands upon traditional liposuction. SAFELipo® combines liposuction, fat redistribution, skin tightening, and recontouring of problem areas into a comprehensive body contouring treatment unlike any other.

At Frisco Plastic Surgery & Medspa, the plastic surgery practice of Dr. Ken Smart in Dallas, SAFELipo® candidates are carefully evaluated to ensure that the procedure is right for them. Because SAFELipo® comes by its name honestly - it is indeed an extremely safe procedure - most patients who are good candidates for conventional liposuction are excellent candidates for SAFELipo®. The surest way to know whether the SAFELipo® procedure is right for you, however, is to meet with Dr. Smart at his state-of-the-art plastic surgery facility for a one-on-one, confidential consultation at your earliest convenience.

What is SAFELipo®?

SAFELipo® differs from traditional liposuction in that it uses a unique three-step process to contour the body. First, unwanted fat cells are loosened, liquefied, and separated from surrounding tissues, all without the need of destructive thermal energy. This all-important first stage allows the second stage, during which the fat cells are gently suctioned out, to be accomplished using smaller, thinner cannulas than are used in conventional liposuction. Finally, the layer of fat that remains in the treatment area is equalized to produce a smooth, defined, natural-looking appearance. This equalization stage prevents the skin from adhering to the underlying layer of muscle, thereby avoiding contour irregularities, ultimately ensuring aesthetically superior results to those possible with conventional liposuction methods.

Candidacy for SAFELipo®

SAFELipo® is often an ideal solution for people who are undergoing body contouring for the first time, as well as for those who have undergone liposuction in the past and were dissatisfied with their results. In fact, SAFELipo® was originally developed specifically as a means of revising poor liposuction results, making it an outstanding secondary procedure.

In general, if you are a good candidate for liposuction, you are almost certainly a good candidate for SAFELipo®. Good candidates for SAFELipo® will:

  • Be in good enough health to undergo surgery. Although SAFELipo® is minimally invasive, it is a surgical procedure that requires a period of healing.
  • Be at or near their ideal weight with isolated deposits of fat that do not respond to diet or exercise.
  • Understand that SAFELipo® is a body contouring procedure and not intended for weight loss.
  • Be willing and able to follow post-surgical instructions to the letter.
  • Be willing to lead healthy lifestyles after the procedure in order to maintain their results.

Learn More about Candidacy for SAFELipo®

If you are interested in learning more about SAFELipo®, or you would like to schedule a consultation to discover whether you are a candidate for this extraordinary procedure, please contact Frisco Plastic Surgery & Medspa today.

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