How to Choose the Profile of Your Breast Implant By Kenneth Smart Jr. on August 28, 2014

Well proportioned, natural looking breastsMost people are familiar with at least a few of the factors that go into a successful breast augmentation. Implant size and type, for instance, are commonly understood, and many women already have an idea of what they want before speaking with their doctor. However, there are a number of other factors that alter the results of an augmentation, many of which affect one another and should therefore be considered together. Implant profile is one such element that women must decide in the course of treatment, although its effects are more nuanced and complex than something as straightforward as implant size. In order to give our Dallas patients the best opportunity to undergo a successful, satisfying procedure, we offer the following information on breast implant profiles. 

What Is an Implant’s Profile?

An implant’s profile can best be described as its degree of horizontal projection. In other words, a profile is representative of how far outward an implant protrudes. Implants with a high profile are more noticeably projected outward from the chest, whereas low profiles appear flatter but wider. It is important to note that an implant’s profile does not alter its size or volume, but rather changes where that volume fills the implant shell. In this way, profile helps determine how an implant sits within the breast and how the breast is filled out. Profile is partially determined by a patient’s aesthetic preference, but should also be considered in regard to the woman’s body type.    

Types of Implant Profiles

In order to make the best decisions for your augmentation, keep in mind how your implants’ profile will affect your results, both medically and cosmetically:

  • Low profiled implants: Sometimes called “moderate” by implant companies, this relatively low profile keeps most of an implant’s material below the projected curve. A low projection does not add much fullness to the upper pole of the breast, but does tend to result in fullness at the sides and in between the breasts.
  • Medium profiled implants: Also called “moderate plus” by some companies, this profile is a compromise between outward projection and fullness near the chest. This is the most popular profile, as patients are often satisfied with its ability to improve their body’s curvature without the breasts appearing too “fake” through upper pole fullness.
  • High profiled implants: Implants with a high profile sacrifice a smaller width for a greater degree of projection. Although it will not make breasts larger overall, it can create a more “perky” appearance and give women more noticeable curvature.      

Which Profile Is Right for You?

First, women must consider whether they are able to support each type of profile. In order to have implants with a lower profile, a patient must have a wide enough breast base to support it, otherwise the implant may push outward from the sides of the breast or chest. On the other hand, an implant with too high a profile may result in breasts appearing too tight or rounded if there is not enough tissue in between it and the skin, as may be the case with smaller breasts.

Aesthetically, patients should also consider what they wish to achieve with their augmentation. For women who desire a more natural look, with a greater amount of fullness throughout the breasts, a low to moderate profile is best. For those who wish to further accentuate their augmentation and the contours of their silhouette, a high profile is likely best.

Of course, any decision should first be discussed with an experienced plastic surgeon. Together, you and your doctor can decide which options will be most effective and complementary to your cosmetic goals.

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