Insurance Coverage and Breast Reduction Surgery By Kenneth Smart Jr. on February 28, 2014

Insurance Coverage and Breast Reduction SurgeryThere are many different options out there for enhancing the overall shape and contour of your figure. By undergoing plastic surgery, you can have the curves that you have always wanted to have. Sometimes this means fat reduction through liposuction, sometimes this means breast augmentation, and sometimes this even means breast reduction surgery.

Many patients have questions about the nature of breast reduction surgery. Our team would like to take this opportunity to focus on insurance coverage for the procedure and what that all entails.

About Breast Reduction Surgery

Some basics about breast reduction first. Breast reduction surgery is a procedure in which excess fat and breast tissue is removed in order to reduce the size of the breasts. By doing this, overall body contour can be enhanced.

Breast reduction is a particularly good idea to consider if a patient has breasts that are pendulous and are so large that they cause aches and pains in the shoulders and lower back. The breast reduction will help alleviate this pain and improve overall wellness.

Is breast reduction covered by health insurance?

Breast reduction surgery can be covered by a patient's health insurance if they can demonstrate that the size of their breasts contributes to or directly causes pain or discomfort.

Is insurance coverage common?

While insurance coverage is not available for all breast reduction surgeries, it is common for certain cases so long as the conditions set by the insurance provider are met.

What will be required to have breast reduction surgery covered by insurance?

Though this varies from insurance provider to insurance provider, patients will basically require:

  • A letter from their general practitioner that the breast reduction surgery will alleviate pain
  • A letter from a plastic surgeon that concurs with the findings of the general practitioner
  • A treatment plan by the plastic surgeon that specifies the amount of tissue removal during the breast reduction surgery

Patients are advised to contact their insurance providers directly in order to find out if they provide coverage for breast reduction surgery and what requirements need to be met for eligibility.

How Our Team Can Help Patients with This Process

We understand that the insurance coverage process can be stressful and confusing at times. This is why our team will work closely with you to help ensure that you receive the information from us that you need. We will do our very best to make this process as stress-free as possible so that you can undergo surgery with peace of mind.

Other Options for Body Contouring and Sculpting

In addition to breast reduction surgery, there are other options to consider for body contouring and body sculpting. During your visit to our practice, we will be more than happy to go over all of these matters with you in much greater detail.

Learn More About Breast Reduction Surgery

If you would like more information about breast reduction surgery and how it can help you achieve a more proportionate body contour while also alleviating aches and pains, be sure to contact our Frisco, TX plastic surgery center today. The entire team here looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you make smart decisions about your aesthetic enhancement options.

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