The Vaser Liposuction Procedure By Kenneth Smart Jr. on October 18, 2013

Dallas Vaser Liposuction TechniqueIn this day and age, it is next to impossible to grow up without having heard of liposuction. For decades now, it has been one of the most popular plastic surgery treatments for patients who want to slim down and contour problem areas like the hips, thighs, or stomach area.

Technology has come a long way since liposuction was first introduced, paving the way for different methods. Dallas plastic surgeon Ken Smart is fully certified and experienced in the state-of-the-art VASER® liposuction technique. But what exactly does that mean, and what is involved with the procedure?

What Is VASER® Liposuction?

VASER® may sound a lot like laser, but VASER® liposuction is very different from laser liposuction. The term “VASER” actually stands for “Variable Amplitude Sound Energy Resonance,” referring to the technique’s use of sound waves rather than light to produce results. 

Quite simply, VASER® is the latest evolution in liposuction technology. The technique is FDA approved to be minimally invasive, using the energy from ultrasonic vibrations to gently soften and melt away fat cells within the body. These fat cells mix with a solution, or “tumescent fluid,” that has been injected into the body at treatment sites ahead of the ultrasound probes in order to prepare the body for treatment. After performing the ultrasound process, the fluid can then be suctioned out of the body using special cannulas designed specifically to be as gentle on the body as possible.

What Can I Expect From VASER® Liposuction Treatments?

While VASER® liposuction is a gentle procedure, it is also very powerful. Within just one in-office visit, over the course of one or a few hours, your plastic surgeon can treat multiple areas to meet your needs.

Unlike traditional liposuction techniques, VASER® liposuction is able to target fat cells more precisely while leaving essential tissues perfectly intact. This equates to a faster post-treatment healing timeline for most patients. After the procedure itself, you have a day of downtime where you will be required to wear compression garments to assist the healing process. But many find that they are able to return to most of their normal activities within two to three short weeks, and are able to see improved final results within three months.

Can My Surgeon Move Fat From My VASER® Procedure to Another Part of My Body?

While you may not be comfortable with the amount of fat present in your problem areas, there may be other parts of your body that could benefit from a softer and shapelier look. For these patients, there is the option of fat transfer. Due to the technique’s gentle process, fat extracted during VASER® liposuction can in fact be reused by the patient as a high quality natural substitute for synthetic injectable fillers.

Contact Your VASER Liposuction Specialist Today

Dr. Ken Smart has helped many patients at his plastic surgery practice achieve the bodies they desire through VASER® liposuction treatments. If you are interested in a thinner and firmer new you, contact our plastic surgery office to schedule a consultation today. 

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