Saline Breast Implants: What You Need to Know

When you undergo breast augmentation with Dr. Ken Smart you could enjoy a customized procedure, tailored to meet your particular goals. One of the most important considerations for creating your treatment plan is the type of implants you will receive. Dr. Smart proudly offers both silicone and saline breast implants at his Frisco, TX, practice. Because saline implants will be filled according to your exact specifications, they offer highly personalized results. Dr. Smart can also place them through very small incisions, resulting in minimal scarring. Before surgery, you will have a complete consultation, at which Dr. Smart will explain the advantages and disadvantages of saline implants. Then he can help you make a decision and choose the right type for you.

What Are Saline Implants?

Saline implants have a silicone shell. After they are in place, Dr. Smart will fill them with a sterile saltwater solution. That way, you can choose the size that most closely meets your treatment goals. In addition, you can choose between smooth and textured implants, and you can select a round or a teardrop shape. Typically, round implants will achieve a greater lift, while a teardrop implant will be more subtle.  

The Pros and Cons of Saline Implants

One of the biggest benefits of saline implants is that they require a smaller incision, because Dr. Smart will not fill them until they are in place. Therefore, with saline implants, you will have reduced discomfort and minimal scarring. In addition, saline implants typically cost less than silicone.

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Saline implants also have a number of health benefits. Unlike silicone implants, they will not obscure mammogram readings, so your doctor can perform more accurate cancer screenings. They also pose a slightly lower risk for capsular contracture, which happens when your body rejects an implant. Finally, if a saline implant ruptures, you will know about it immediately. Your body will absorb the saltwater solution, and your breast will shrink back down close to its original size. Dr. Smart can then remove the implant and provide revision surgery to restore your appearance. In contrast, with silicone implants, you will need regular MRIs to look for ruptures.

At the same time, saline implants also have some drawbacks. First, they are not quite as realistic as silicone implants. Some patients report that they can feel the implants when they touch their breasts. This can be especially problematic for smaller-framed women, who do not have as much natural tissue to act as a cushion. Smaller women also face a higher risk for rippling over the implant. In addition, because saline is heavier than silicone, these implants can sometimes shift, giving your breasts a bottom-heavy look.  

One of the most important considerations for creating your treatment plan is the type of implants you will receive. Dr. Smart proudly offers both silicone and saline breast implants at his practice. 

Are You a Candidate for Saline Implants?

If you are a candidate for breast augmentation, you are automatically eligible for saline implants. This type of implant is appropriate for women over age 18. (To receive silicone implants, you must be at least 22.) However, depending on your body type, silicone implants may be a better option. Dr. Smart will carefully evaluate your needs to help you choose the most suitable type.

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