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Shapely buttocks in white underwearFirm, round buttocks are an integral element of a shapely, feminine figure. Unfortunately, as we age, our backsides often lose volume and take on a flat appearance. Also, many woman who have a naturally athletic or thin physique may have never possessed the well-formed posterior they would like to see in the mirror. 

At Frisco Plastic Surgery & MedSpa, we want each of our patients to look and feel their best. We understand your need to embrace and flaunt your femininity, and one of the ways we help you achieve this goal is with our butt lift procedure, available to our patients in Dallas, Frisco, and Plano. 

Dr. Ken Smart has the experience, training, and compassion to help you attain a proportionate, beautiful body. To learn more about whether buttock augmentation is right for you, reach out to our practice today to schedule a consultation

What is a Butt Lift?

If you'd like to see a rounder, more youthful shape filling out your favorite pants, and if you are in good general health, you're most likely a good candidate for a butt lift. Also known as buttock augmentation, this procedure provides volume and shape to the backside. Dr. Smart executes a conservative approach to enhancement, ensuring your results look and feel extremely natural. During an initial consultation, you can begin to discuss your expectations, view real before-and-after images to aid in your decision, and discuss which treatment option is best for you. 

Natural Contouring

Fat transfer is a natural method of lifting and plumping the backside. Also known as Brazilian butt augmentation, Dr. Smart uses excess fat tissue harvested from your own body to perform this procedure (often during liposuction of the abdomen, or inner and outer thighs, for example), injecting the fat into the surgical site. Because the filler is your own, this type of augmentation has a very high rate of acceptance. Fat transfer uses small cannulas, or tubes, to withdraw and deposit fat, resulting in minimal scarring. Compression garments are worn post-surgery to enhance final results, and patients can typically expect to return to work within one week. 

Plump & Lift

Alternately, Dr. Smart offers silicone buttock implants to shape patients' behinds. During butt implant surgery, Dr. Smart will make small incisions in the crease of the buttocks, minimizing the appearance of scars. After healing is complete and swelling has subsided, patients can enjoy rounder, fuller buttocks. Healing time following this procedure is slightly longer than with a fat transfer. Patients can expect to return to exercising 6-8 weeks after surgery. 

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In addition to buttock augmentation, Frisco Plastic Surgery & MedSpa offers a full range of body contouring and plastic surgery services to help you make your dream body a reality. Liposuction, breast augmentation and tummy tuck are offered at our office, and are often combined with butt augmentation for a beautiful, shapely figure. Whether you are a new mom or have recently undergone massive weight loss, let us help you address problem areas and restore your confidence in your appearance. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Dr. Smart

Frisco Plastic Surgery & MedSpa

Dr. Ken Smart and his dedicated team want every patient who visits their office to look and feel their best. Dr. Smart is a renowned plastic surgeon who is affiliated with various trusted organizations, including the: 

  • American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • Texas Medical Association

To discuss your concerns with Dr. Smart and learn more about our personalized approach to care, request your cosmetic consultation online or call us at (972) 334-0400.

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"I opted for the breast augmentation with lift along with a tummy tuck and now I look better than I did in high school!" T.C.

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